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Phone 1800 4 VISABIZ for all your migration requirements.  Employer-sponsored migration - Family migration - Partner migration - Tourist Visas - Permanent residency - AWMA has the experience and the proven track record.

Read and Associates Migration Agents 1800 4 VISABIZ

SONOn behalf of our visa processing team, we extend a very warm welcome to you and to the list of services currently offered by our firm.

Our motto is - 'let's remove the red tape' from the migration process, and we had no idea when we coined this catchphrase, just how close to the point that phrase would become in what we do in our day to day practice.

Thats what we do. We remove the red tape from the immigration process, and provide professional, up to date and outstanding value for money migration services to clients from all over the world. In all types of visa categories. Spouse, finance, skilled, parent, we do the lot! Amazing to think we are based in Albury/Wodonga, but our services stretch across the globe.

1800 4 VISABIZ
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Australia does have some of the most complex visa laws of any country, we know, its our business. Its our business to be regularly updated of any changes to migration law and pass this knowledge on to you. We use the same information and assessment criteria to assess your case that the immigration department uses to assess yours. So we figure that if we are happy, maybe they will be to! We dont lodge your application until we are 100% satisfied with the submission.

Our check lists have been created based on the valuable feedback that we have gained over the years of being involved in this profession. For many people, the migration process is a once off affair, for us, it’s a daily affair. It's our business, and our fulltime occupation.

These are some of the reasons why we know we have become one of the fastest growing migration firms in Australia, and our core values of outstanding customer service and keeping you informed, helps us maintain the strong foundations that we have established for our business.

So please, feel free to take a look around our site and we do hope to meet you in person very soon and discuss how we can assist you to achieve your goal, whatever that may be. We are interested!

We don’t want to complicate matters even further, so we have attempted to keep this information as easy to follow as possible. We have also included relevant testimonials from clients. Take their word for it, not ours. So please, enjoy our site and hope to hear from you soon to discuss your visa options.

Kind regards and best of luck to you!

Darren Read and the visa processing team.