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Permanent Residence

Working with people to help them gain their permanent residency is perhaps one of our most enjoyable experiences and the most rewarding for our clients. Even more exciting is when this experience can be gained earlier than expected. Of particular interest are clients who have moved off a temporary visa and are seeking to move to a permanent visa, and furthermore, moving off a Subclass 457 and on to Subclass 856 or 857. This has become a specialty for us. To know that we have helped you reach  this very exceptional stage  and the privileges that come with it, certainly keep us busy. And we are happy to assist and welcome all challenges.

We have many clients we have assisted in helping to obtain permanent residency under all streams of the migration program.  For instance, migrating families are generally unsuitable for a temporary visa (457), as there is no access to Medicare and international student fees apply to even school aged children. We recommend a permanent visa for these people, if possible, rather than a temporary option.

There are indeed many options for clients and the following are just some of the examples of people that we have assisted recently. One is not the same for all.