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Partner Migration

pic05Definitely exciting! Fiancé visas, defacto visas and spouse visas all offer that magical moment when two loved ones are reunited. To ring someone and say "your visa has been granted", is perhaps the best phone call we can make, just ask Cameron!!!! We have done many such visas and our checklists have been the result of many applications, feedback from case officers, and the requests for additional information that have been requested over some of cases we have handled. We like to think this is one of our specialty areas and it is impossible not to get involved with you, the client, as you embark on this magical journey. We love these applications and are particularly proud of the checklists that have been designed to make the gathering of information as easy and as hassle free as possible .

Don't take our word for it! See what the following people have to say.

Cameron and Sonephet
Visa applied for : Subclass 300, Subclass 820/801
Date applied for: Date granted:
Thank you Darren for the amazing result that you did for myself and Sonephet. We were very lucky to have you to work on our application. We cannot thank you enough and wish you all the very best


Mark and Christine Warde
Visa applied for: Subclass 820/801
Applied for: Date granted:
Darren and team. Thanks for making our visa application prcocess easy.. we appreciate everything that you have done for us, and we hope you enjoy the Jamison!! thanks heaps. Mark Warde

mark ward

Gerard and Maree Glass
Visa applied for: 820/801 ( after arranging and emergency ETA for arrival in OZ)
Date applied for: Date granted:
When I found out I was having our baby, I had no one to turn to. You helped us reunite and complete our family.

Alice Jackson - Xavier Trollope
Visa Applied for : Subclass 300, 820/801

Dealing with South Africa Embassy, we had no idea what we were in for. In the end, the professional manner in which our application was handled, resulted in our visa being processed extremely quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Darren and his team to any couple who are in the same situation as we found ourselves in. Thanks Dazza!!!!