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Business Migration

pic01It is quite humbling to think that some of Australia's leading experts in all types of fields use our services. We treat all business applications as though they were Australia’s premier road consultancy firm, Timber machine producer, Registered Club, or the little takeaway shop down the road. They are all the same in our eyes.  They all need that particular person to do something specific in their business. And the business depends on it.  The bottom line depends on it.  It has to happen now, or production will stop.  Lets face it, there is a skills shortage and business cannot find the person they want anymore on their doorstep.  They have to go overseas to recruit.  And the problem is not just a regional matter, but all over Australia.

We enjoy the challenge that business migration presents and the complexity involved.  We take the view of, you do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.   What is quite surprising to our team, are the businesses that use our service.  From Sydney, to Tumut, to the Whitsunday Islands, it is truly humbling. 
The word is spreading, business migration means AWMA. It does not matter where you are in this day of electronic communication - faxes, emails- information is passed on very quickly.

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort:
Visa applied for:   2 applications of staff moving from Subclass457 to Subclass  857
Atul Gautam:  General Manager
We found Darren by accident.  We are in Queensland and Darren is on the border on NSW and Victoria.  There are a lot of firms between us and him. But I have to say, he was outstanding in meeting our needs.  Not only are we 1400 kms away, but he made us feel like we were just around the corner.  He asked for information and we gave it.  He made it happen.  I will absolutely be using his services again in the future.  I would also like to meet him in person one day!

Visa applied for: Subclass 457
Darren, thanks to you, my shop can now employ a person to take away some of the pressure. I was told by my friends that it can't be done.  Well he did it. Thanks Darren.  I am very happy with you.

Charlie Robinson –HR Manager
Visa applied for: 457 – ( 2 applications)

S.S.A Club Albury is proud to be associated with Darren and his business.  When it counted, Darren delivered the goods and we have used his services on multiple occasions and will defiantly do so again in the future. Thanks AWMA/VB

Terry Cap
Visa Applied for:  permanent residence Subclass 856, after being on 457 Independent Executive

My situation was complex and when you are in business, there can be no more important matter than to keep the business going.  Darren, before I was even a client, made several calls, and conducted research into my case before I was even a client.  I cannot tell you how knowledgeable this guy is on business migration.  I have met other agents before, but he is top class.  Thanks Darren.

Elma Van vonderburg
Visa Applied for:   extension of her Independent Executive Visa,  application for her Permanent Residence
Darren was recommended to us by some friends who had used his services before.  When I  first met him I had 28 days left on my visa. The stress was enormous.  He took the pressure away from us and in fact I flew to Sydney the next week to conduct my business.  Darren is looking after it I thought.  And he did.  Thanks Darren. We owe you…..